Thanks for receiving this email! This will be a long one, but take your time because it’s packed with good stuff.
??For the Dutchies: onderaan deze mail staat nog een aantal Nederlandstalige goodies!
First off: I hope you are keeping well in these times. We’ve all had a pretty crazy ride so far in 2020. After having our gym closed and all of my events, travels, workshops and keynotes cancelled… I found myself surrendering into a feeling of “maybe this is what I’ve been training for”. This phase has pointed out to me how privileged and blessed I am to be in good health and in a position where I can choose how to move forward and how to show up to these difficult times.
So I let go of all my plans and opened my awareness with the question “how can I be of service?”. This was answered with many opportunities to do work online with teams and in online summits…also I hosted 2 free online breathing sessions, which were attended by over 1200 people each.
I’ve felt humbled by some of the responses from my audience about the impact of this work. So here I am, looking back on this period with a massive amount of gratitude, feeling the desire to spread love and share some things with you!
Breathing Session & Nervous System Lecture
This hour starts with a guided breathing session and ends in an overview of the way breath interacts with the nervous system and how this applies to daily life. This one was part of an online summit but I really wanted to make sure more people can see it:
Focus Reset Breathing
This is my go-to breathing protocol to reset my focus and come back to a calm state of breath awareness. It’s now available in 2 versions!
Explained and guided with handpan: https://mindlift.com/online-biohacking-breathwork-workshop/ (just click the preview)
For an even quicker “hack” into the breath. Check out this one-breath breathing technique: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBc4jdcAfBG/
Live Session Replay
One of the live breathing sessions was recorded and made available online. Make sure to sit or lay down in a comfortable space and really give yourself some conscious time to be with your breath.
Podcast Appearances
Though I’m taking an interview hiatus to develop my courses and write my new book. I felt that doing a few podcasts could be a great way to potentially share some more value during these times. These interviews are long-form and full of stories, ramblings and some silly jokes:
BreathLAB – I was honoured to join some of the greatest minds in the world of breathing in this online panel: https://youtu.be/ECBAPjfpsKo
Midwestern Method. https://youtu.be/4z6-oH9VKuc
Courses and Retreats
Here in the Netherlands, things are slowly getting back on track and I’m SUPER EXCITED about teaching live again.
Online Workshop
If you can’t travel yet, you can watch the recordings of my online workshop. It’s 3 hours of dense content and breathing techniques for only €75.
Biohacking Breathwork 3-day Retreat
We can all use a breather by now. This all-inclusive retreat focuses on deep personal application of breathwork. This inner work is amplified with ceremonial cacao, psilocybin midcodosing and live music / sound healing. It’s gonna be a blast! I’ve limited the number of spots so that we can keep safe distance in accordance with the Corona guidelines. We only have a few spots left.
Click here for more information: https://mindlift.com/biohacking-breathwork/
Breathwork Masterclass (teacher training)
My 5 day mastermind is transforming into a full-on breathwork teacher training with 10 hours of online content, 50 hours of in-person experience and 3 months of follow-up support. There’s 3 more places left this year. If you are interested in joining in 2021, please let me know in response to this email and you’ll be the first to be updated.
Biohacker Summit
Out of a solid dozen of events and summits I was meant to speak at this year, only 1 remains…and it’s one of the best in the world. The Biohacker Summit in Helsinki is a must for anyone who’s interested in human optimisation. Click here for tickets: https://landing.biohackersummit.com/2020helsinki
The truth is: I miss you! I haven’t been off-stage for this long since I was 15 years old and taught for the first time. I honestly can’t wait to share magical moments in real life with my audience again. I truly hope that some of the contents of this email will be helpful to you, and that we will see each other soon!
Much love
Hoewel ik voornamelijk in het Engels actief ben zal ik natuurlijk altijd mijn “thuis” publiek eren! Wat vind ik het fijn dat je mee leest!
Hier onder vind je een ademsessie en 2 podcasts in het Nederlands. Bovendien ben ik aan het plannen om in 2021 een ademcoach opleiding in het Nederlands te gaan geven. Laat het per ommegaande even weten als je hier interesse in hebt, dan houden we je op de hoogte!
Begeleide ademsessie
Op veler verzoek een Nederlandstalig ademsessie, gewoon online te volgen: https://mindlift.com/en/begeleide-ademsessie/
En hier ook de geanimeerde “focus reset” in het Nederlands: https://mindlift.com/focusreset/
Komend weekend en t/m woensdag ben ik aanwezig bij Tijdloos om – EINDELIJK – in persoon contact te maken, les te geven, sessies te begeleiden en zelfs live muziek te verzorgen. Kom je ook langs? https://www.wij-zijn-tijdloos.nl/
Oersterk podcast: met mijn gewaardeerde collega en inmiddels goede vriend Richard de Leth spraken we over eigenlijk alles dat ik belangrijk vind in tijden van een gezondheids revolutie
Kijk/luister hier: https://youtu.be/piinBz3S8f8
New Leadership Podcast: Over alles van mijn levensverhaal tot het immuunsysteem tot onderwijs innovatie.
Herleva podcast: voornamelijk over ademhaling en bewustzijn
Kijk / luister hier:  https://youtu.be/VavRV5ohdWw

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