Pico Azores, Portugal
15 – 22 April 2017

An Epic Adventure of Self-Mastery

Join a group of 12 highly dedicated like-minded MindLifters on a week-long retreat

🙌🏻 Optimize your mind
🌬 Master your breathing
💪🏻 Unlock your primal power
🏋🏽 Learn to move like a boss

❤️ Uncover the secrets of your physiology
🔥 Find your flame and conquer the cold
🍏 Enjoy the finest brain-boosting food
🚀 Get lifted into superhuman focus

High end luxury accommodation
in amazing natural surroundings

Awesome volcanic beauty
in the middle of the Atlantic

Rugged, remote and beautiful. Pico is an amazing island rich in raw nature, abundant in vineyards, amazing views and lush green overgrown volcanic rock. The accommodation is luxurious witha large yoga room and private bungalows, swimming pool and restaurant. All meals and private room accommodation are included.

Life-changing experiences
to lift your mind and body

Get Lifted Into Superhuman Focus

😌 Wake up to amazing island views and morning meditation/breathing sessions
🏋🏽 Learn to move like a boss with daily natural movement and alignment classes
❄️ Use cutting edge biohacking, breathing and cold exposure techniques to boost your focus
🗻 Speedclimb to the top of mount pico without sore legs using focus and breathing techniques
🌋 Camp out at 2000 meters in a volcanic krater and wake up to an unprecedented mountaintop experience
⚫️ Meditate in the intense darkness, magical acoustics and wondrous air quality of large lava cave cathedrals
🐬 Take the plunge our of your comfort zone, into the open ocean and swim alongside wild dolphins
🙏 Dive deep into your personal process, find and let go of limiting paradigms and belief systems
💪🏻 Deeply integrate new, empowering mental patterns into your brain with MindLift techniques
🎯 Mastermind with likeminded people and learn how to smash any goal in your life

Join the MindLift Experience for €2997,- including private accommodation for 7 nights, and all meals and activities.

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