Mental Fitness

An intensive, life-changing coaching program to fit in your pocket!


An innovative app-based video course, optimally designed to truly integrate the MindLift principles into your life.

No matter what goal you want to achieve.
No matter what change you want to make in life.
No matter what has been holding you back.
It all starts with mindset.

The mind is a tool that can be developed through training, just like any muscle in the body. This app-based videocourse provides a skill-based approach to personal development and habit creation. It will help you master the universal tools of the mind, and apply them to your personal goals

Week 1: The Focus Of Your Attention

Learn how your brain works, how to focus your attention and determine the quality of your life.

Week 2: Breaking Free From Mental Limitations

Simple exercises and practices to find and reprogram old disempowering patterns and limitations.

Week 3: Choosing An Empowering Mindset

You newfound focus will help you choose empowering mindsets and instantly integrate them.

Week 4: Creating Bulletproof Habits

Now that you are mentally free and optimally focused, you will work on making it sustainable.

Change comes with persistence.
Persistence comes with rhythm.
Rhythm comes with ease.
The daily content delivers it all. 

Timed content and subtle reminders make it easy to stick to the program.

📺 07:00 AM - A New Video

There is a fresh, 5-minute video full of new insights ready to enter your brain! Of course you can watch it whenever you want 😌

🏅 07:05 AM - Challenge Of The Day

Every video is accompanied with a small challenge to work on for that day. It will take about 10 minutes per day to work on it.

🙏 04:00 PM - Daily Dose Of Inspiration

To keep you going, a motivating, inspiring or thought provoking quote pops up in the afternoon to recharge your focus on the challenge 💥

✍️ 09:00 PM - Write In Your Journal

After a day of working with a mental challenge, a certain focus or a specific assignment, the end of the day is the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve learned and to consolidate your insights. 🙏

I had never expected I could make this much personal change in just 30 days. The video’s are fun, the app is intuitive, and who doesn’t want a master coach at the touch of their fingertips?!


I have to be honest: these 30 days have been uncomfortable and confrontational at times, but boy is it worth it! I never knew how many disempowering mental systems were holding me back, and I never knew how much freedom I still had to gain. 


I loved getting the timed reminders and motivational quotes to keep me inspired and accountable. The daily journaling has been an endless source of personal insight. What a game-changer!


Unique Daily Videos

7-day Phases Towards Personal Freedom

Minutes Watch Time Per Video

Minutes Of Daily Practice

This program was created to help you finally get the results you’ve always wanted. If you are willing to invest just 10 minutes a day of dedicated attention into your mental fitness, it will change your life.

I promise!

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