Kaspers West Coast US Tour

May – June 2017


May 15th: Podcast Appearance @ YOU Optimized LEARN MORE >>
May 19th: MindLift Lecture & Q&A @ Pacific Ashtanga Yoga, Capo Beach 7pm – 9pm. REGISTER >> Mail to info@MindLift.com
May 20th: MindLift – Mental Fitness Workshop @ Pacific Ashtanga Yoga, Capo Beach 12pm – 6pm. REGISTER >>
May 23rd: Wim Hof Method Deep Dive Workshop @ San Diego. 11am – 5pm REGISTER >>
May 24th: Podcast Appearance @ Storytime with Unclecreepy LEARN MORE >>
May 26th: Wim Hof Method for Fighters and Athletes @ Dynamix MMA, Santa Monica. 10am – 3pm. REGISTER >>
May 27,28: WHM Instructors Advanced Course @ Franklin Canyon Park, Los Angeles. [FULLY BOOKED]
June 2,3,4: Wim Hof Method Deep Dive Weekend Experience @ Restore Human, Vancouver REGISTER >>
June 7th: Podcast Appearance @ Vancouver Real LEARN MORE >>
June 10th: MindLift Workshop @ Downtown Vancouver REGISTER >>

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